Beathead Broadcasts is a non-profit internet broadcasting organization located in Utrecht, The Netherlands. We provide audio and video artists an open podium to deliver their content to the wide audience of the internet.


Our station runs on Open Source Software. Our computer is running on Debian GNU/Linux. Our streams are distributed by the Icecast server and the playlist is streamed with Ices0. The playlist generator script is written in Tcl. Our website is hosted with Apache and the website itself is generated with PHP. For connecting the chat to IRC we use the Eggdrop IRC robot which also uses Tcl for scripting. The text to speech conversion is done with Festival.

The music

The music playing in our playlist is coming from netlabels who release quality electronic music freely available under the Creative Commons Licenses. At this moment we offer the music from Mono, Theralite, Moplayaz, Kahvi, Thinner and Uprough.

The icon

The Lofiboy logo is a derivation of the lofiboy icon made by Lukas Nystrand. The icon was part of the preview set of his Soultools for Mac OS. Frank was very fond of it and Lukas proudly gave him permission to use it. The icon was originally small in size. It was blown up and the hair was coloured.

The font

The Beathead logo is created with the free font FrankieGhost. Credits go to the author of Freaky Fonts. Some letters in the resulting image were slightly altered so all of them would have the same height.

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